Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm a singer and a songwriter. I also produce, write, and create artwork.
A vegan, I'm into love for all beings, and I volunteer to help rescue wildlife, as well as rescue domestic animals, aside from us humans, since we're domesticated, although we don't like to think of ourselves as tame.
We're more than corraled, branded, and owned, actually.
That's why we all adore images of wild horses, adopt logos and other emblems signifying freedom and primeval states, etc.
I'm under no delusions about it.
My name was given to me at birth, and I know I don't have much in common with the body of water, except that I love to surf/swim/be near it, etc.!

Speaking of wild horses, and tame ones:


I love to write thrillers, and I adore scary movies. I write what I like, and I'm very into twisted plots and weird characters.

I also write books on vegan food, health, spirituality, and on other subjects, like on historical figures I like to explore.

When I'm doing music all the times, it's great to switch to artwork or to writing - I always have the means to write with me, as well as to do music - that is, nearby - an usually a little recorder helps too - but the main thing I adore doing is helping, and I like to help someone every day - whether it's walking the beach to throw shells that have little critters inside back into the sea that have become stranded, or by posting on websites where people are looking for some sort of information I can provide, it feels great to help!

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