Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sky Saxon and Arthur Lee - R.I.P.

I can't believe I just heard of Sky Saxon's transcention - I'll use his own beliefs, since he was a truly cosmic soul and a huge force, as was Arthur Lee, in music.
All our music.
From the mid sixties, these two giants weren't household names, but both were pivotal in the ovement music took.
Simple turns of fate brought both of these remarkable talents to less-than-famous paths and weirdly, both died while in plans for new come-back tours.
In case you're either too arrogant, if you're musicians, to look back and to know the originators of the music we all play now or in case you're not into music, Arthur Lee was the lead singer and guitarist of Love and Sky Saxon was the leader and singer of The Seeds.
Look up their music, and, in the case of Sky Saxon, who was a fruititarian and an advanced soul, his life philosophy.
Both very cool icons who deserve to be applauded posthumously.
And I think they'll both hear us.