Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beyond Hooters' Cafes - Dickies! - Equal Rights

Candidate for Dickies' Waiter

Hey, do the Mormons allow us to have as many husbands as we want too?
Just wondering.
If so, there'll be a mass stampede of women suddenly interested in that pseudo-religion!
And hey, how does that group operate in America anyway? Certianly not legally, right?
Does this fall under the reason that women have never gotten the equal pay for equal work thing?
Just wondering that too.
Where are the equal rights in these things?
Why aren't you wondering too?
And - why not, since the sexist pig-looking male patrons at Hooters want to bring future consumers, in the form of their little children, into their "food" establishments - let Playboy sponsor a "bring your kids to the Mansion" thing too? 
Not only sexualize the kiddies early, but make damned sure they know exactly what females are for - servicing, turning-on, and whoring, right?
Stop it at the beginning, the way TV already does excellently well - make sure that little "whores in training" never get the idea that anything matters but their looks and getting male attention, right?
Don't let them think they matter on any other level.
And make sure that little boys understand this as well, so they can learn to dominate the females on the playgrounds and be getting sexual favors by the age of eight or nine from the girls - make sure they compete, guys, for the little boys' attention, too!
As the clothing for little girls gets more and more risque and provocative - shades of Jon Benet? - and as sexual behavior on TV gets more viewable by more kids, then naturally, they're getting the idea!
The old talk shows used to parade strippers on who'd talk about how much money they made - but not about any of the down sides to their trade.
Now there are centerfolds on all channels, hookers, and all sorts of excellent role models for the little girls to emulate! Whoopee for pedophiles! They won't ever have to train their captives again! And - they'll be happy to know that now they, too, can hang out at Hooters where they can view the little kids beings sexualized by their parents for them!
AND - all you Hooters Dads - extra fun for you! - you can all let your little girls know that you're leering at their older (or younger ) sisters already, their school pals, and that all the other  Daddies of their little friends are leering at them already! Oh, joy for you all! After all, aren't you already dressing your little dolls like hookers? And starting young is great for you, isn't it?
And that Las Vegas showgirl who's missing now? She'd given up a lucrative corporate career to follow her dream of slutting it up onstage - isn't this just what the doctors ordered? I mean the plastic surgeons whose incomes depend upon the constant supply of soulless, insecure litlte girls who now demand plastic surgical "correction" even in pre-teen years?
Cool for the male public, right? I mean, unless you're a father - the old-fashioned, caring type - not like the pimpy ones like the one who pander their kids into showbiz, for instance, so they won't have to work themselves.
Clever, right?
I can think of three huge star names right now who'd merrily delivered up their sexualized young teen daughters to media frenzies, just like the pimps do on the corner.
Anyway, back to Hooters' cafes, who now claim they're good for children!
Forget happy meals and so on, now women in push-up bras and shorts so short they reveal just about everything, (according to a Hooter's Waitress on the Headline News show) - why not just sex the kids up early?
By pass the childhood parts, the fairytales, the jungle gyms and just feed 'em the facts of life?
But - hey - here we get to the equal rights.
Don't you think these men who just love Hooters and taking their little kids in will just LOVE my idea?
I want to get investors and start a nationwide "Family Food Chain" (as Hooters maintains it is), called "Dickies"! 
With - you guessed it - really hot young guys with no shirts on, sporting extremely low-slung, sexy shorts to see theot back cleavage - extremely attentive, fliirty, college boys, maybe, who cater to the new women - women with lots of disposable income - don't you think the same men who revel in going to Hooters will love going with their wives to Dickies?
Oh, and I plan on the waiters wearing a special groin-enhancing form of underwear, leaving not much to the imagination, right?
Then, won't the Hooter's fans just love going there with their families? Kids and all?
Then the little boys and girls can learn what it's all about for real! Since the fathers who frequent Hooters want their boys and girls to learn that it's proper to get turned-on only by young women in forms of undress, (and not, presumably, by their wives - in other words, women who have had children are not, by their definition, hot or to be wanted by men any more) - then shouldn't the same wives teach the same boys and girls that it is also improper to be turned on by one's old, fat, used-up husband, and that, instead, wives should flirt with and leer at the proper objects of their lust - young guys, also in states of sexy undress?
What's good for the gander, right? Is better for the goose!
So, now that there is a great, rich class of females out there, let's start the counterpart to Hooters today! Dickies!
After all, childrens' proper education is at risk!
Any backers out there? Who's game for real equal rights?

Common Sense, Values, Poverty, Nancy Grace, Mommy Mafia, Sales and The Fifth Amendment and Media, Nutrition and Empathy

I had hoped this was in the past, alas, but Classism as well as Racism, is still thriving in America today

On watching Nancy Grace's highly inflammatory show which I do not recommend, by the way, there was  a segment on a black mother who was almost starving, keeping her two kids with her as best she could, who snapped and killed her three-year-old son while attempting to get him to be quiet, probably so they would not be thrown out onto the street, using an old southern training technique of giving vinegar to children. We cannot condemn an individual in these circumstances that we all, as a society that tolerates poverty for so many millions of women and kids, when they snap. At the least we need to display some empathy for the entire situation and to see it clearly - and to correct its' cause.

Governments Mandating Poverty
Why is it that all civilized nations, stressing civilized, like Sweden, only employ - and yes, they're supposed to work for the people  - governments that ensure the wellfare of all its' citizens, bar none, while America seems smugly content to over-prosper the already rich and are completely willing to let everyone else struggle and die in poverty?

Empathy for Madonna Figures along with Children?
Children receive the lions' share of empathy in these bad mommying cases, while the mother receives only vilification and hatred. Fathers fare much better, sadly.
Where is the empathy for that mother, who was clearly duped by TV's constant ploy of pushing women to breed and probably by her family whose "misery loves company" attitude had also forced her to feel she needed to have children in order to keep their love. 
Then, of course, they threw her out. 
She's clearly unable to manage life, was terrified of letting her kids go to foster homes, as we all are, having seen shows like Nancy Grace continuously feeding us fearfulness.

Yellow Journalism
Naturally, the odds are that all kids will be OK wherever they are, but the focus in our society - or at least in the media - is to keep us all hopped-up on adrenalin-fueled fight and flight stress, thinking something horrible happens to every individual. 
Fear sells. Fear compels humans to watch these werid but exciting shows and the Mommy Mafia audiences, led by attack dog, Nancy Grace, always go for the throats of the mommies who cannot afford nannies, unlike themselves, and who can barely eat.
Ask yourself: why is it that the fifth amendment only benefits the salespeople who shovel garbage into society in the name of "business", despite the poisoning of the minds of the victims, the viewers? Yes, the poor do not have a DVR ability to rush through ads or to choose better programming, so they're trapped in this way too.

Bad food - fast, cheap food - the only kind available to people like this mother and her kids - is known to induce psychotic behavior - especially white flour, empty carbs, too much salt, and the main murderous culprit - sugar.
No doubt the sugary food given the three-year-old victim contributed to his incessant hyper-activity, and along with alcohol and other drugs, sugar has led to more murders than any other substance known to man.
And what of the pesky hormones that can have a beefy, scary celebrity like Brooke Shields become a Mommy Mafia darling after having confessed she'd wanted to kill her children due to lack of hormonal therapy?
Where was this woman's health care?

Shelter or Adopting?
They on the TV from their lofty positions mete out vengeful anti-justice at all who fall short of their own glorified lives.
Not only are women and children deathly afraid of being parted for any reason, whether they get along or not, which brings us to black and white - see below - but there is love, the religiosity that implores us to strive to do better even while falling apart, and she was clearly seeking help from the church.
Does this count for anything with them? 
Hell, no.
And then the yuppies yelled out how cute he was and how "millions" would have wanted to adopt him.
Give me a break! Speak the truth once in a while! There are literally billions of unwanted children - mainly dark-skinned non-babies - in dire need and no one wants to adopt them!!!
And they recited a litany of shelters where this mother and kids supposedly could have gone.
Can any of those bestial yuppie mothers who are so hellbent on condemning the poor imagine what her live - their lives - must have been like?
I'd love to see how fast that Nancy Grace would have snapped in the same situation.
Pretty damned fast, I say.

Black and Whiteism
Nothing in life is black and white. She suffered a rage killing and was clearly out of her mind, at least termporarily, 
Not only in racial terms, but in the refusal to see gray areas, this communal put-down of the poor is not only racist but also class prejudicial.
I'll start the term, "classism" since it seems to be on the rise. We basically have a caste system already in America, in case you haven't looked around in awhile.
Why judge this woman on one junk-food-fueled desperate attempt, probably, to stop the little child from driving her crazy and to impose a little peace on their lives?
Maybe she was being threatened by the roommate about his noise-making and was trying to keep the roof over their heads.
Maybe shaking him was how things got out of hand.
We cannot walk in her shoes, but compassion should allow us to at least imagine the panic, the extreme situations of life and death they faced with everyday survival and, yes, the horrible guilt she doubtless suffers now over the missing her tiny, cute son.
Did anyone else think of this? The child carried around with her in her bag could have meant she cared and had no place to properly bury him yet
I am not defending her, I am saying that all poverty-stricken - remember they were stricken by it - no one thinks they'll end up there or plans for it - people live in panic, and far too many die in it.
The gray areas are where true life is lived.
And that is where fairness and justice, common sense, and empathy live.

How about not just being a child advocate. How about being an advocate for all people? And even beyond?
How about caring for each individual caught in poverty with poor nutrition and in constant worry and stress?