Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jane Velez-Mitchell and The Humane Society

JVM, Jane, is my FAVORITE person on TV!
Her compassion is complete - meaning, she cares about everyone on our planet - every living being!

All the issues that concern me, from domestic battery to predatory sexuality, child labor, broken families, abuse of all kinds and crime-fighting - PLUS - her concern for every helpless being - the ones who cannot speak for themselves or choose even one thing in their environments - the factory "farms" where billions of sweet, innocent guys and girls, babies and children of all kinds are condemned to spend horrific, miserable existences - BUT we can all help!!!

Go Vegan! That's saving a turkey too! And staying vegan is saving many, many lives AND your own! Vegans are healthier, brighter, more youthful, vibrant, energetic, happier, and, of course, more spiritual since they are kind to all!

Many adopt turkeys as pets before this holiday in order to raise them as pets, saving their lives, and then taking them to kind sanctuaries.

Please visit to find exciting and tasty and HEALTHY alternatives to cruelty foods - don't you think God wants kindness for all His beings?

AND - visit to find out more.

AND - visit to sign some easy petitions to save lives today and every day!

And PLEASE buy ONLY cage-free, grain-fed eggs ! (I don't eat eggs, chicken, meat, fish, use dairy, and I am SO healthy! I'm energetic, more so than any who eat a bad diet, like with dairy and meat - so, like Anthony Robbins and countless other vegans, I enjoy a much better, vibrant life being vegan! Join us

And visit Veganize for free recipes for a luscious Thanksgiving Vegan Feast !

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