Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sites I Love

Among the slideshow pix below are some logos I've created for sites I love and endorse, and some I contribute to, like and is where an actual Mer transmits information to me, and I obligingly relate it to the world.

Joining TheMermaid.Net will allow you to join with me and other Merophiles in getting updates on oceanic and Mer things. The Mers? Well, naturally, they're the type of fish who live in the waters of our world, and whose physical resemblance and size - but for their tails, that is - remind us of ourselves, and with whom we have the shared idea to save our Planet, Sea!

This Blog

Just ideas, thoughts, and meanderings. I keep a fantasy blog here:, and this one is just light and musy, as in just musing.

I'm a hyper-creative, meaning that I love creating in many ways, almost every day.
Music is my soul - I mean - it's the one thing I reverence doing more than anything else (except for saving lives, as in my animal rescuing - that's the height of existence and spiritual ecstasy, just to know that my presence has caused an innocent being to live) - and music is so close to me that I literally weep in gratitude that I'm allowed to make music.
Nothing else of all I create does that for me.
I also write a lot, and books and stories just seem to pour out of me like music does, easily, with no effort at all on my part.
I'm not sure why this happens, but it's cool unless I'm busy - then I have to put a song on tape or stop and get out my portable typewirter or laptop for writings.
Artwork is something else I enjoy, and it's not as intense an activity for me. I do it mainly because others love what I do so much that they've clamored and fostered and encouraged me all my life to create paintings, drawinga and whatever.