Sunday, October 7, 2012



New Songs!
Available now!
In several genres, Ocean's songs showcase her vocal and songwriting range, some in soft rock, some Latinesque, and some R and B, others soulfully cosmic, some rad Trance Dance House music, instrumentals for soundtracks, and sassy rap and pop tunes too!

Ocean creates music that is transformative, her hypnotic vocals and ethereally beautiful sound in several genres provides cross-over hit songs for film and TV, performance and the CD or download-buying audiences of the world. The mutli-talented artist whose voice ranges through the octaves is a world traveler whose interest and love of other cultures has embued her music with a world feel. Exotic beats resound, world melodics that showcase her unique vocals and poetic lyrics enrich Ocean's songs

Ocean, singer, also writes songs and produces music. From trance/dance hypnotica to r and b grunge funk to smooth world jazz, the quality of her talent has brought comparisons to Sting, Robert Plant, Jimi Hendrix, Sade, Evanescence and others. 

Ocean is an author of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, as well as a lyricist, has a great interest in preserving our environment and in using her talent to spread compassion.
Her fascination with history, anthropology, psychology and mythology inform her lyrics and writings with a cosmic feel, and Ocean has penned a paranormal romantic thriller in the vein of Emilty Bronte and of Stephen King that is ready for 
publishing houses.

Ocean's upcoming CDs are in pre-production, and one is a trance/dance CD, one, a rustic Americana, another is of surf songs, one in the world smooth exotic jazz genre, and the other all ready to go into the studio is an inspirational CD with mesmerizing meditative and cosmic songs to elevate the soul.