Saturday, February 14, 2009

CosmicFix Magazine

Spirituality - our connection to the universe - to the cosmos surrounding us like a great sea.
They tell us it's empty, that it's airless, a void, and yet, the luminous stars are there, shining, burning with energy, beaming intensively, like our own Sun.
Even if being cosmic only means that we stand in awe at the hugeness of everything beyond us, that we shudder at the mysteries we can barely contemplate, that we, lying on grassy hillsides at nights, savor starry showers and lunar limbos, we love the idea of the Almighty and His creations.

And yet, experience tells us that there is more than what we reason should be happening in our own lives - and our yen for spiritual connection with the unseen takes us on voyages of imagination, seeking answers to these open questions.
Religiosity alone does not always quench our curiosity, and faith, as exquisite a gift as it is, sometimes is not enough.
Questing itself is seen by some as irreligious, and yet, God, being immense as He is, must understand our need to know Him, and can't we learn more about our universal home and still be faithful to our beliefs ?
CosmicFix Magazine, a wonderful online source of ideas and articles, asks for submissions from writers who love to explore these areas : cosmic thought, astronomy, inspiration, E.S.P., psychic phenomena, cultural differences, world religions, inner worlds, intentional thought and acquisition or consequences, "The Secret", the history of intellectual investigation into synchronicity,  Jungian ideas, personal experiences with the beyond, ghosts, premonitions, wraiths, stories on these themes, and poetry involving the cosmic realms.