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Go Dairy-Free with Me! by Ocean,

Go Dairy-Free with Me!
by Ocean,

Please Help These Babies Now!

Do you want to be healthy? To live a long and happy, slender, fit, vibrant and beautiful and youthful life?
Then drop the dairy!
It's o nly for growing enormous calves!
Those fat cells go through life with you, and will refill and inflate your shape if you use dairy.
Try rice milk! Or soy milk!
Or the tasty and delicious nut milks!
Those plant milks are the o nly o nes that are healthy.
Dairy from cows, goats, or sheep are mucus-forming, acidifying, phlegm-causing, artery-clogging toxins that are made of pus.
Did you know that? Milk is actually pus!
Try going dairy free for a week! 
Buy yourself some marvelous rice, soy, almond and other kinds of nut milks instead!
Make a French toast like this o ne -  below   - avoiding dairy and eggs - and see how great it tastes!! 
So much more awesome than the cruelty kind!
Be kind!
Be hot!
Be hip!
Be Vegan!

Fun Health Food


Hunk Lunches


Frenchy Toast

For a healthy and delicious brunch, or dessert or a late-night sexy snack, ( are you trying to get that hot neighbor into bed? Try inviting him or her over for an after-hours treat )-

I make almond milk by soaking raw organic almonds overnight, then grinding 
and shaking them with water. I often add this almond milk to a bowl, soak 
ezekial bread in it, then bake into a delicious vegan version of French toast 
Top with stevia and cinnamon, and you have a healthy and fabulous treat !

And - a compassionate o ne ! Treat your body and your soul with kindness 
Veganize !

This is o ne of Ocean's own campaigns, along with Ecoize, to let people know how great it is to be Compassionate, healthy, hip, and slender at the same time!

Ocean's Ocean for more campaigns and her own How to Save the World !

Hey, would you like to know of two great healthy ways to get a buttery taste? 
Use coconut oil o n your toast or your baked potato, cooking or wherever, and also, Willow Run Margarine is excellent, as is Rice Butter!
Visit your health food store and explore their rice and soy milks, almond and other nut milks, or make your own!
Love the icy kind? Try Soy Delicious, Rice Dream, and Purely Decadent for a taste treat you will absolutely prefer to any of the unhealthy treats you've ever consumed!


Save Babies Here

Did you know that 40% of America's Hamburgers are from Cow Mommies?
That's right, from the Sweet, Dairy Cows who are slaughtered at age 4, when they should be living to decades!

Save Babies and their Mommies.
Go Vegan.

Save their lives and your own!

Here and Learn More about the Cruelty of Milk and Dairy Foods

More on Milk

Baby Boys

Breast Health

Help These Babies Here.

Tips o n Going Dairy-Free!

The Elephant in the Room – On Human Overpopulation - by Ocean,

The Elephant in the Room – On Human Overpopulation

It seems so very obvious that human overpopulation is the cause of our world's demise, along with so much misery, that it's sad that we must notice this phrase and actually see it.

And why do you suppose that the elephant in the room - human overpopulation - is studiously ignored by all the news, all the media, and everyone else?

Is it mere courage?

We're here at EcoChildFree standing up for the planet, so join us! Sign up for the EcoEzine and get active in saving our planet!

Imagine the globe from afar. Notice that even if a relatively small population or even half of the world's population was all of us that existed, then the planet could still function on the way we now pollute.
Conversely, if an enormous population of humans, such as actually does exist today, only polluted in the way they did a hundred years ago, notice that the world could not sustain the pollution of so many people, largely due to the constant destruction to our world habitat, the constant felling of trees for wood, for building materials and for food, and as the population would steadily increase if unabated universally, the world would still be in the fix it is in now.
Going eco, in short, won't save the world, without extreme constraints on humans overpopulating as the main aim.

Over six billion now, what do you think the population will be in ten years? 
If not stopped right now, the misery we see, the wars, the pollution and the resulting climactic catastrophes, the human overpopulation will be so huge and the effects so astronomical that it will be too late to save anything or anyone.

Act now!
Go Child-Free yourself and urge others to! 
Adopt rather than bear.
Popularize both!

Be supportive of anyone who is brave enough to be child-free and/or to adopt rather than breeding.

To Care for All Animals IS to Care for Humans - by Ocean

To Care for All Animals IS to Care for Humans

Some have the mistaken notion that to care for other animals is to not care about human animals.
Nothing could be further from the truth!
To care for all animals is to be compassionate. To be compassionate is to be Vegan, to o nly eat Compassionate foods.
To be Compassionate saves human lives from starving!
It's the ultimate win-win situation! 
To heal the whole of the planet, to save human lives, and to save animal o nes at the same time as we're healing our own individual bodies and spirits is to be spiritual!
All the same!

Human Rights are Allied with All Other Animal Rights

We haven't yet seen many articles having the human rights subject, 
and yet all of us are animals.

At heart, the issues all lead to the same thing - compassion is the only cure.

The animal rights activists stand very firmly on the compassionate 
issues for human beings too.

To be compassionate is to extend that compassion to every being, including 
those of our own specie.

We are all one.

There are many, many organizations that help humans - although none is doing enough. However - at the same time that they help, most are helping in ways that will not sustain nurturance of these hungry populations or change things, 
and they are doing so using cruelty measures that introduce even more problems and continue to ruin the planet's environmental systems.

We must stand up for many different issues all at once. Win-win situations heal.

We, as an animal rights activists, combine all of the compassionate measures into o ne overall healing measure, into o ne world plan.

The drive toward Ecoizing , toward Veganizing, toward Spiritualizing, and 
toward Humanizing is all the same drive, when viewed clearly.

The cure for the entire planet is compassion.

How? How does it lead to saving the starving people in Africa?

Compassion lets us understand that all these issues are vitally related:

Human Overpopulation

Solution - Being Child-Free and/or Adopting 

Ecological Issues

Solution - Veganizing

Spiritual Issues

Solution - Veganizing, Being Child-Free and/or Adopting

Health Issues 

Solution - Veganizing

How will these intertwine and save the world and suffering of all animals, including humans?

Eating compassionate foods means reclaiming the land now used for grazing by the meat industry, and farming grains and vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds organically.

Stopping pesticides and grazing and halting the meat industry will stop huge amounts of air, water, and land pollution, and growing grain can easily feed everyone o n earth.

Eating and living compassionately heals not only the spirit, but creates 
sanity and receptivity in the mind and the emotions, supplying adequate nutrition,
vitamins, and all the requirements of health for humanity.

This spirituality will open the doors to great rapport between nations and 
individuals of different cultures, and we will find solutions that bridge 
the gaps beteen the haves and the have-nots.

Adopting rather than bearing children will not o nly create a human population 
that the planet can live with, but it will create a spiritual enlightenment 
among people, and will take care of all the children that are now starving 
in the world.

Education and adequate birth control will help tremendously.

Vasectomies should be rewarded and popularized, for instance.

Also, read Eco Eat and EcoChildFree for more on this mandatory issue.

To do more than a band-aid-like gesture, and something to make the developed nations feel good, extreme changes will be necessary.

Every year, there is great need in many regions of the world for the human 
populations, and the Western nations, who traditionally used to send grain, 
now do not have the grain to send, due to the fact that the meat industry 
has taken over the land, the commerce, and the culture, and not enough people 
demonstrate that they care.

Also, as the humans continue to overpopulate, and as disease casualties continue to rise, those in the more stable areas continue to embrace apathy.

The problems are immense.

The cures are enormously challenging, and yet, if we do actually love humanity, the world, the other species, and ourselves, we will need to start right now 
to change the world, and choose to be Compassionate with our food!

  • Ecoize
  • Greenize
  • Veganize
  • Beautifize
  • YogaMermaid
  • SpiritMermaid
  • Healthize
  • Slimmize
  • Youthize
  • PlanetFix

  • Less Is More - by Ocean

    Less is More by Ocean,

    We’ve been urged to over-consume by all those wishing to profit o n 
    our excesses.

    Especially in America, land of the corralled buyers, we’re bombarded 
    with ads, so-called studies, and other propagandistic promo that forces us 
    to believe that o n a simple sandwich, piles and piles of goo and heart-killing 
    fats and death foods are mandatory.

    Actually, have you ever tried a sprout sandwich?

    Yes, a sandwich with, maybe, Veganaise, or a dash of Bragg’s Liquid 
    Aminos, or just some simple organic olive oil and Bragg’s Apple Cider 
    Vinegar and a little Celtic Sea Salt?

    It’s not o nly completely filling, but it allows your digestive system 
    to operate, unclogged-up with all those extra and body-arresting cruelty foods 
    you’ve been lied to about.

    You don’t need all that protein. In fact, it harms your kidneys, in 
    addition to causing all your energy to be centered in your gut, where the 
    blood is pulled in its’ desperate daily task of doing something with 
    all that garbage and those dead bodies you keep throwing into it.

    Also, just the toxins in those death foods will lead to, well, you know.

    Along with the hormones, the adrenaline, and the blobs of fat your bloodstream 
    will be having to deal with, while it navigates through your weakened veins 
    in an attempt to rid itself of these things your body was never designed to 
    manage, you place heavy burdens o n your vehicle, in addition to burdens o n 
    your soul.

    Just like you can’t fool Mother Nature, you can’t fool yourself.

    Inside, you know right from wrong.

    You know that taking advantage of the weak by the strong is evil.

    You know that taking the life from an innocent and helpless being is against 
    everything you’d like to believe about yourself.

    You know that you cannot divide your morality.

    Either you’re good, and you do good to all of the helpless, or you are 
    without mercy, and evil.

    Those things are simple.
    Your mind and your heart knows it, and your soul feels it.

    Rid yourself of those putrid and dead corpses you’ve buried in your 
    own body, cleanse them out by eating o nly compassionate, pure plant foods, 
    and then gauge how you feel after o ne month.

    Even after o ne compassionate meal, like that sprout sandwich o n toasted sprouted
    grain bread, like Ezekial bread, found in the freezer of your health food 
    store, then see how you feel.

    Add a cup of miso soup, if you like, with some fresh cut-up garlic, and maybe 
    a few cubes of tofu and a handful of freshly chopped herbs.


    Also, add a glass of stevia with ginger powder and/or cinnamon – doubly 

    Finish with a cup of green tea, and you have a meal fit for royalty!

    When you stop eating like a sewer and clogging your system like a stopped-up 
    drain, you’ll feel tremendously better and your body will find time 
    in order to heal and to repair those above-mentioned weakening veins, along 
    with all your other systems.

    You’ll begin not o nly to feel better, but to look better too!

    Win-win-win-win situation!

    You become kind, you eat kindness foods, you feel great, and you look great! You live longer, stay fit and able, youthful-looking, and happy too!

    Veganize  today!

    Wealthize by Ocean

    Wealthize by Ocean

    Wealth comes in many forms.

    For instance, I always feel so rich when I am surrounded by my rescued pets.

    And I recall times when, as a child, I had wished with all my heart that 
    I could have pets that could be indoors, and as many as I wanted.

    I am very wealthy with pets, which makes me very wealthy with love.

    Most of us are very wealthy with many things – like, someone I know 
    is very wealthy with perfumes.

    Some are wealthy with cars, with tools, with collections of all kinds.

    Some are wealthy with a beautiful abundance of trees right outside.
    Others are wealthy with shoes, or books, or with popularity, or with long, lovely hair !

    Lots are wealthy with art supplies. What ? We can go to any store and find 
    them for a pittance, you might say, but think of the days when so many artistic 
    and struggling geniuses abounded who would almost have sold their own souls 
    for some good art supplies.

    When you learn to slant the angle of your view of life to include all you 
    have and have had, you’ll find that you are – and always have 
    been – wealthy indeed.

    Even the Pygmies of the Great Forest in Africa - who own next to nothing in actual items - know they are very lucky, and very wealthy. They consider themselves children of the forest itself, 
    and pride themselves o n acting in harmony with their provider.

    Can you imagine someone of the Western nations saying he or she was the child 
    of the plains? Of the swamplands ? Of the mountains ?

    Besides hippies, I mean. And Native Americans. And sages and mystics and cosmic people.

    Of course, any bohemian worth his or her salt agrees with this. And others. 
    Any surfer will agree that he is the child of the coast and the sea, for sure.

    Why not adopt this feeling, this claim, that you are lucky – that you belong in a world of abundance, and that you were born with wealth and will o nly live in wealth no matter what.

    One o nly has to recognize it. It really is – for most of us in the 
    West, at least, true.

    One should never compare o neself, except to find gratitude for o ne’s 

    The attitude of gratitude we hear about is the surest way to happiness and 
    contentment, therefore, to confidence, a feeling of safety, and the ability 
    to succeed.

    Don't you feel richer already ?

    Keep swimming into WealthMermaid's Sea and follow the Wealthize System to BestRiches !

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    WealthMermaid will teach you a cosmic system which will lead you to attaining 
    wealth in installments – and also, it will soon be offered as an ebook !







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