Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twittering, Twitching, Blogging, and Verbally Flogging, Trodding, Plodding, and Becoming Blithering Idiots

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It's so manic, the internet.
Compulsively expressing ourselves - millions of us.
And with Twitter - it's moment-by-moment, mood, just tiny phrases-ful of notions - and it's quite addictive!
It seems we can all be summed up in tiny sound-bytes.
Just a nuance, a nano-sentence needed to sum us up.
On Twitter, only a sentence to sum up one's whole self - one's life.
Fragmented, shattered, streamlined, and that's what we all are - in the end, at least - on our tombstones, if we're lucky enough to have one - it might read only stats, like name, and dates between which we'd once existed.
Meanwhile, we live between the fragments flung outward into the internetted abyss for whomever to view, to care, to share, observe, judge, like, dislike, follow, take up, drop, commiserate, and so on - but mainly in order to self-promote.
Everyone's selling something, even if only ideas - peddling maybe only thoughts - like bubbles - popping off to no one and to everyone at once.
Who's listening? No one. We're all too busy expressing ourselves.
It seems.

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