Friday, January 16, 2009

Ocean Blog

I'm a music artist who loves to endorse healthy, eco magazines like this one where I'm on the cover:

I'm also delighted to be instrumental in showing people how to get healthy by going vegan!

An interview with Ocean is featured on in their Celeb Interviews section, and here is a link - Ocean on FamousVeggie

I love to contribute my talents in order to help - I think it's the essence of happiness, and I adore being healthy, being vegan, and being compassionate.

I'm posting here since I already have a quasi-political blog I was asked to keep at, named Ocean's Ocean, and I also do the Mermaid Blog, which is a fantasy tale ( and connected to an epic trilogy I have written called The Mers ), and this one is various musings, ideas, moods, and so on, so it's fun !

I like to think of ideas to help people, as I do on sites where I contribute articles on everything from living eco to helping animals (including us), vegan recipes, my own travel adventures, on being a musician, being a fan of classic films, being in love with history, into anthropology and other cultures, art, design, illustration, stories, and writing, among many other interests.

How do I find the time to follow so many interests, I ask myself. And I know that only because I'm vegan do I have such energy!
I don't do just one thing ever - for instance, I have two books I'm writing now at the same time! 
Also I am doing a series of paintings on a certain theme for a show.
And, of course, I do my music very often - meaning I produce tunes I write, and/or sing somewhere.
I have a real interest in making life better for everyone (of all species),  and every place, than it would have been if I had not been born.

Other Ocean Magazine Features, some Ocean Interviews etc. :

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