Friday, January 16, 2009

The Tiny Butterfly by Ocean

The Tiny Butterfly - Article by Ocean

I"m wintering on a tropical island, and this week is very unseasonably cold.

The wind had blown a tiny, beautiful butterfly into the pool, and, as I do every morning, I had walked around to see if any moths, bees, or other bugs had fallen or been blown into the water.

This morning, I had already saved one bee and several little gnats, and then, out of the window, I noticed a little form - a very small butterfly, lying on the face of the pool, his wings completely spread out.

I ran outside, got the long net, and pulled him out to safety.

I placed him first on a bunch of dry grass, then noticed he was too water-logged to stand properly, so I placed him in the path of the upcoming sun.

Butterflies need sunshine in order to dry their wings in the mornings, from dew and mist, and this little guy needed it to warm him and to save his life.

I watched him for awhile, stood him up, his wings still closed tightly - held together by the wetness, and talked to him sweetly.

Then I went inside, knowing that ants and other predators were in their burrows, hiding from the biting wind.

His wings were blown about a little, but his spindly legs kept him holding onto the pavement around the pool, but not near enough so that he'd be blown in again.

Returning inside, I kept my dogs in, despite their pleas to go out and play, and have been watching him from the window, watching over him.

As I stood there, I prayed earnestly for this gorgeous little being - so intelligent and sweetly demonstrative - he knew I was helping him - and asked God to allow the sun to shine on him.

How miserable so many are in this cold weather! 

I couldn't imagine how awful it would be to get wet on a day like this.

I asked Him to send holy angels to surround and protect the little butterfly and afford him plenty of flowers and a happy, safe life.

Then, suddenly, the sunshine burst through the clouds, aiming their beaming light exactly at the place where the little creature of God stood, stawartly, bravely against the cold wind!

The flood of gratitude I felt was so intense1 Prayers said for someone who is so helpless feed our souls, and the immediate answer re-affirmed my faith!

God does answer prayers! Especially those for the helpless beings among us!

Imagine a world without butterflies! How empty it would be!

I hope everyone remembers to buy eco, especially for their yards and gardens, and to plant butterfly gardens in order to attract them and to give them a habitat that is, sadly, disappearing in too many places.

It's far more important to have natural, pesticide-free lawns for so many reasons!

Our waterways, and all the lives dependent upon them, are most vulnerable to what people put on their yards, and really, isn't it far more beautiful to have a natural yard? With bushes, plants, and trees that butterflies and other wildlife adore?

There are so many eco products now, that will not ruin our world, and will allow little enchanting beings like that butterfly to thrive !

Think Green!

I just checked, and my little butterfly pal is turning in the sunshine, allowing its' healing warmth to adorn his wings from all angles, preparing for flight.

Many butterflies only live for a few days. Even the magnificent Tiger Swallowtails have only two weeks to enjoy the flowers, meet their soulmate, dance in the sunlight, and lay eggs in the right habitat.

My friend outside will live, now, perhaps only three to four days, or a little longer.

Information on his exact lifespan couldn't be found on the internet. He's a Flulvous Hairstreak butterfly.

He's adorable, fetching, communicative, and decorative, as all beauteous beings are, and he brings joy wherever he is.

After all, butterflies do no harm - they eat only the pollen that flowers beg to offer them, they dance in the sunshine to the delight of all humans, and they help, along with bees, to pollinate the next generation of plants.

They must be very popular with God.

Don't we all want more, not less, butterflies?

Let's practice conservation and get our priorities right! Butterflies and the plants they love are far more important than having a boring-looking, plain, green lawn.

Ditch the pesticides and make way for eco products!

Vive the butterflies!

It might not have been the most optimal time to have been born. Far more cold than a butterfly would prefer, much more windy. And more precious, when we recall how huge a part of his life each hour is.

Each day is, to him, more than a decade of our own lives.

That's why I always brake for butterflies. See article here

None of us can rail against our own time zone, although we, as humans, and only us, can improve life for everyone on our planet, no matter what specie.

The tiny butterfly has flown. He took off into the bright, mid-morning light and is off finding seagrape trees and other fare, frolicing somewhere in the air, happy to be alive.

His pressence makes all of us happy to be alive - this is the gift of the butterflies.

And how many could be saved every day if all of us looked in pools to do some life-saving?

Every life matters, no matter how small.

What can we all do every day to save lives?

Any more ideas?

Here's One!

It’s Butterfly Season ! Print out the Beautiful, Hand-illustrated Butterfly Flier and Take it to your community bulletin boards and Save Some Butterflies ! Fly Here !

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