Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Only Valentine's Now, So Why Am I Already Having Spring Fever ?

It's in the cosmic atmosphere.
I can just feel it.
Spring is on the way !
Even when, as I usually do, living in the tropics or in the sub-tropics at least, a type of Winter exists, but it's really more than whether the weather has behaved well or not, more than the cold factor - it's our planetary connection to the seasons, to the turning of our own orb, to the placement of the moon - at night, now, I can hardly sleep - the full moon has been reflected in my pool outside, and the double glow of moon and mirror has been so intense, plus the countless reflections of the sea, just outside - I sleep with the curtains drawn - I must know the night sky and the stars are in view - has made the most beauteous flourescent violet light !
So, just lying around and sighing, like some Romantic poet, has been my reaction of late, to the impossibly gorgeous days, with butterflies flitting around each other in circles, couples, in love, talking intimately, no doubt, about how wonderful life is, and newborn leaves coming in, and night-blooming jasmine spreading its' irrepressable charms through a perfume that lures us outside just to breathe it in heady draughts ! What must it do to the moths ?
Night and day, the spells cast by the early Spring is almost too much to bear !
Errands ? Put 'em off!
Chores ? For bores !
Just lying in the clover, gazing up at fleecy clouds is enough - for now.
Soon, the reckless, tumbling tumult of full Springtime will arrive, and even at a far off coast, I'll be thinking of the roar of mountain streams, rushing down through valleys and meadows of tender wildflowers, strewn in enormous blankets, along Colorado's hillsides, of buttercups emerging in wild fields all over the South, of Nesturtiums covering my homeland of California.
I miss it all. Does God use his power like I would ? Does He walk, unnoticed, among each and every country, enjoying His every flower - every field - every tree in blossom ?
Travel is the best we'll ever do. Traveling, and remembering.
Appreciate every day !
As my eldest Brother has reminded me - count the handsful of seasons you have had, and will have, if you're lucky. 
They're very few.
Enjoy this one !

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  1. By the way, in case you aren't aware - Spring Fever has nothing to do with lust or coupling. It refers to a spell of sleepiness, drowsiness, and inattention that (especially as students) people are prone to in Springtime, probably having to do with the change of the temperature, and the release by countless plants of pollen, causing our bodies to pause and to adjust to the new seasonal changes.