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NEW ENERGY - Landfill Energy and World Co-operation, Communication, and Saving Our Planet - by Ocean,

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Dogs Deserve Better

Please pray for all those who are affected by the cold, and find ways to help.
So many have lost their jobs, and so many of our elderly cannot afford heating costs. Ask someone in, offer them a meal, a warm room, an over-night some wild bird feed or sprinkle whole grain bread crumbs for the birdies and squirrels and chipmunks...put a cardboard box with bedding in it for a stray cat with some food...ask neighbors to put their dogs inside for the duration - I've bought many igloo dog houses with bedding for hapless doggies who must endure living outside. You  can make dog houses out of crates and other materials... and very sweetly offer them to someone who's dog is living outside.
Just some ideas!

On ABC news this morning, I heard someone report - completely erroneously - that some American had pioneered the practice of creating methane gas for energy usage from landfill refuse.
My family's country, Sweden, has been using this form of energy for all governmental vehicles for over a decade!
Give credit where credit it due!

New Energy Ideas

Also, the irritating reports, constantly giving children the idea that the Wright Brothers had invented planes is also wrong - airplanes were invented in Germany!
Why is this ego-centrism that certain Americans have adopted so well perpetuated by the news teams ? Is is that they do not hire well-educated people who spend time, as they well should, researching subjects before they hand the papers to the anchorpeople for them to read on air?
I'm not sure, but the History Channel is also a body of not-quite-accurate reporting.
Many of their shows are quality productions - mainly, the ones produced elsewhere, like in Britain, but where is the scholarship in America ?
Plenty of wonderfully-educated people live here, are educated here, and probably apply for jobs in these media outposts, but why are they not allowed to function as real historians would - by mining for the truth of stories before they're presented to a huge audience ?
Responsibility to the kids who learn from these emissions from conglomerate-owned entities should be tantamount to profit.
Sound bites, disclaimers, brevity, and streamlining aside - still, they could research the accuracy of their reports ( not just consume the press releases of profit-hungering people like the man who claims to have "invented" the landfill fuel idea, for instance ), and they could give us, the people, the truth - or as close as they can ever come to it.
Come on, History Channel and News Teams - research first, THEN report !
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It's Better To Green Your Diet Than Your Car.
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Naturally, I'm thrilled that this technology - turning landfills into fuel - has FINALLY been recognized and implemented.
I myself have been promoting it for YEARS! Telling people, posting, even stating the Swedish way of using landfill-created energy from trash, and anything we do to help our ailing planet is welcomed by me.
I wish we could learn, as Americans, that we are not alone in the world - that to work along with all the other countries, with all the other ideas, groups, and individuals who are doing their best to find a way to keep our planet liveable for the future generations is the only way to do things.
Harmony, inclusiveness, and realizing we really are all one will help.
Sharing ideas and concepts is vital !

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