Thursday, July 22, 2010

Disgusting and Declasse Anti-Fashionism on The Early Show of ABC

I was waiting for the next TCM film and for the ads to finish on CNN just now - 8:08 EST, July 22, 2010, when I flipped through a few channels, and was shocked to see women of no conscience and no consequence pawing over some ugly snakeskin shoes!
Where have these Jerry Springer women been?
Don't they realize the entire world is being beseiged right now by special interest people who market cruelty to people, and that the hip and cool women had long since abandoned any cruelty items as completely unfashionable?
How unchic can ABC get?
I, for one, will not be watching their channel again, let alone their tediously boring Early Show.
Upset over whether some shoes had real python skin on them, these old-fashioned harpies apparently had no qualm about killing snakes for their skin, or about wearing dead bodies on their feet.
What kind of man would be turned on by those shoes? Worthless old creeps only.
Normal men are scared by women who totter around on heels that look like weapons!
Those weird women on ABC obviously only dress for shock value.
No wonder they're so desperate! Why don't they wear red lights on their heads instead? It's just as ridiculous.
Want to be hot? Buy from cool companies like these!
Gorgeous chicks only wear compassionate shoes.
How to find chic, compassionate eco clothing?
I shop in all kinds of stores, with the foremost thought to be whether shoes are made with animal skin or with man-made faux "pleather" materials.
If I like the design, who cares about the label?
What kind of stupid person would wear a certain label rather than follow their own sense of style and ethics? Isn't it the height of stupidity to wear something merely because of the designer's name?
Isn't this the 21st century? Are all the morons on the ABC Early Show in the nineteen fifties?
What happened to fashion enlightenment and chic?
Beauty is as beauty does.
Think for yourself. Find your own way and make it Compassion First - which, of course, will save our world - and the dogs that are routinely fed to these giant snakes to fatten them up.
So when you wear snakeskin, you are killing innocent dogs who cry pitiably, knowing full well what will happen. Did you know it's a very slow, painful crushing death they suffer?
Do you care?
Think about it.
Think about the world.
Think about the horrible people who trap or breed these hapless ankes and keep them in deplorable conditions - or even worse - who give a show to crowds who revel in watching whimpering dogs be fed to hungry pythons.
Think of all the activists and all the decades it had taken for America finally to pass laws protecting endangered species and laws protecting all animals from cruelty.
And then see what you're doing - by-passing these laws to buy from ruthless companies who don't care about cruelty to innocents, our world, endangered species or anything sacred.
Do you really want to support the destruction of our world?
Of dogs?
Don't you at least care about dogs?
Go to now and protest with me!
And sign petitions here protecting our wildlife from harpies like this!

And here, go to ABC and tell them what you think about the cruel witch coven they put before us!
And watch other channels instead. Preferably uplifting ones.
And also, why would anyone want to spend that kind of money on shoes?
How desperate can you get!

If you're a hot chick, you don't need devices, duh!
If you're not, then try being yourself, cultivating interests and dressing not like a stripper but like a cool chick instead, with class and elegance, which naturally means wearing compassionate clothing.

And, by the way, do you love dogs, ABC and The Early Show?
Then think about this - the pythons' skin you're wearing on your feet came from pythons fattened on DOG MEAT!
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