Friday, July 16, 2010

Racism Equals The Tea Party

Despite the handful of token blacks who've been brainwashed, paid, or otherwise manipulated into lying (a la Stockholm syndrome), or perhaps those to whom only finances like stocks matter,the truth is this - The Tea Party is a Racist Organization, Period.

Think of it - if they'd depicted a woman in office as a porno star, for instance, with skimpy or no clothing, trashy outfits (even more trashy that Sarah Palin's outrageously strippered-out spike heels), or, if they'd depicted a Mexican with a bandito sombrero outfit, a grizzled grin, and criss-crossed bullet straps, what do you think would have happened?

Even a chihuahua on Taco Bell's ads caused such a stir and calls of "racism" a few years ago that I'm surprised that there hasn't yet been a nation or world-wide outrage against the completely white group of right-winger reactionaries known as The Tea Party.

Why don't we all form a party of our own?
The sane among us.
The fair people.
The enlightened ones.
Call it The Coffee Party!

Think of all the shades of skin that would love to be represented there, from cafe au lait to darkest, richest brown.

We need an antidote to this party - one that reflects us all - all the whites who are outraged at The Tea Party, and at the Republicans in general!

The best thing is to join and become active with the Democratic Party!

If you find things you want improved, then let's get busy and improve things within the only good political party we have - The Democratic Party!

So, let's party and change things together!

Go To
and Join The Democratic Party Today!

And support the NAACP, without whom NO fairness for non-whites would exist!
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